Monday, January 31, 2011

The Fighter Reviewed

The Fighter who just happens to be a boxer. Conflict is everywhere throughout the movie as it looks at the lives of Micky Ward and his half-brother Dicky Eklund. Both dramatic stories, Micky's fighting career takes a back seat to Dicky's 15 minutes of fame fight versus Sugar Ray Leonard. Despite it being the story of a boxer, it is the life outside of boxing that Micky is really fighting for. Both actors give great performances in a very emotional movie with the ace in Christian Bale.

Dicky is a drug addict in a small town who had his run at a title and "knocked down" Sugar Ray Leonard. Throughout the movie Dicky is the star of what he believes is an HBO special about his life, town, and training his brother to fight. Things don't turn out so well for Dicky.

The movie really takes a turn when Dicky realizes the HBO show isn't about him, but about drug addiction, and it isn't until the show airs that he realizes it. The scene when Dicky realizes his iniquities are made nationally known, and broadcast to his family and young son, is the turning point in the film. Christian Bale's performance is engrossing and emotional to the point where you feel sorry for him. Clearly the point in the film, as it thrives on the emotions of the characters when the conflicts of the family members clash.
The resolution comes at a pivotal point when all the characters involved in Micky's life reunite at Dicky's release.

The conflict between Wahlberg's character and his family including SAG award winning role for his mother (Melissa Leo), girlfriend (Amy Adams), himself, and brother, are what kept me interested. Contrary to Cinderella Man, this is a boxer who is not fighting for his family, but fighting with them. Much under-appreciated performance from Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams. Adams' shows a different side of acting, as she is a belligerent beauty and has no signs of sweetheart characters played in the past.

A very dramatic self-portrayal by both characters as the movie is far from an action film. In fact the fight scenes were in no way thrilling. I would recommend checking out the actual fights on youtube for that matter.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr. Irrelevant

The highlight of the evening. Despite the host harassing the players asking insignificant questions, this provided to be a pretty entertaining event. The players made it interesting and made all the "diplomatic" picks not to provoke media controversy. i.e Staal didn't pick Cam Ward!

I don't know what was funnier, Staal ripping Toronto, the look on Kessel's face, him ignoring the host, or Ovechkin filming the whole thing laughing. Looks like Kessel got his only ball left, removed.